Conference Postponed

The T&D Trainers Conference in New Orleans has been
postponed. The new dates for 2021 will be announced soon.

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Our Mission

To provide relevant and updated lineman training solutions
that focus on the best work practices in the electric
utility industry.

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"The operations management team is very pleased with the
caliber of apprentices who have attended the T&D PowerSkills
classes. The management team attends each field testing and
are very satisfied with the apprentices' abilities."

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Specialty Packages

Packages suited for specialty environments include:
Electrical Cable Installer, Electrical Meter Installer, High
Voltage Substation, Troubleman, Telecommunications Crew

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Updates Coming Soon

Our new Transformer Connections 1 & 2 will be released soon!
We broke up the original unit into two comprehensive units,
covering basic theory to advanced application, with new
narrator footage and high-definition illustrations.

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More About T&D PowerSkills

About T&D PowerSkills

T&D PowerSkills is a comprehensive 78-title video and workbook based lineman training program geared to instruct electric utility lineworkers with up-to-date, safety-related work practices and technical skills related to the installation, maintenance, and removal of transmission and distribution systems.

T&D PowerSkills Youtube intro video link

The individual units can be structured to support any type of company-designed lineworker apprenticeship program from apprentice to journeyman level, and can be used as a four year, 8000 hour apprenticeship program.

Currently, over 350 utilities and powerline contractors use the T&D PowerSkills material.



To be recognized as the standard in lineman training



To provide relevant and updated lineman training solutions that focus on the best work practices in the electric utility industry

Message regarding the virus

A special message for our customers regarding the virus. Following guidance from the State of Louisiana, operations at our office in Alexandria have been placed on hiatus to combat the spread of his deadly virus. We are still answering and fielding phone calls and emails, and will diligently work to complete all orders as soon as it is safe for our staff to do so once the order is lifted, presently scheduled for April 12. Stay safe!
Louisiana Emergency Order

Genie Recall

If you use Genie lifts (Terex), be aware that Genie has issued a safety advisory over several models of Genie lifts which have a turntable bolt failure issue. Contact Genie online for more information:

Energized Work Package - Distribution Training Units

Energized Work Package


Recommended Training Units

  1. Basic Electricity
  2. A/C Fundamentals
  3. Safety in T&D Line Maintenance
  4. Rigging 1
  5. Rigging 2
  6. Electrical Safety
  7. Safety in Overhead Line Maintenance
  8. Distribution Line Safety
  9. Distribution Line Installation and Removal
  10. Distribution Line Repair – Gloves
  11. Distribution Line Replacement
  12. Distribution Line Repair – Hot Sticks
  13. Troubleshooting Overhead Lines
  14. Hydraulic Derricks
  15. Material Handling Bucket Trucks
  16. Multimeter Operation and Use
  17. Using Line Test Equipment
  18. Transformer Connections
  19. Safe Bucket Operations
  20. Service Installation
  21. Pole Top Equipment and Replacement – Transformers
  22. Pole Top Equipment and Replacement – Cutouts and Reclosers
  23. Pole Top Equipment and Replacement – Switching Devices
  24. Pole Top Equipment and Replacement - Capacitors
  25. Pole Top Equipment and Replacement – Voltage Regulators
  26. 34.5kV Rubber Glove Work
  27. Overhead Troubleshooting 1
  28. Overhead Troubleshooting 2
  29. Power Quality
  30. Transformer Troubleshooting
Package Price: $17,495


*Student Workbooks priced separately: $20.95 each

U.S. Department of Labor Renews Partnership with Electrical Contractors and Associations to Protect Worker Safety and Health

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) today renewed a national strategic partnership agreement with the Electrical Transmission and Distribution (ET&D) Construction Contractors; International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW); and related trade associations to protect the safety and health of line workers, and other electrical transmission and distribution industry workers.

New Training Unit Update Release

T&D PowerSkills is pleased to announce the launch of it's updated Cable Splicing 1 training unit. Cable Splicing 1  has been updated to comply with the latest OSHA regulations and Industry Best Practices. The updated training unit features new high definition video, graphics, 3D simulations, and modern equipment.

US Approves $2 Billion of Canada Cross-Border Transmission

Two projects will bring low-cost renewable energy to American customers

The U.S. State Dept. has approved nearly $2 billion of high-voltage transmission lines that will bring low-cost Canadian renewable energy to the U.S. The department on Dec. 5 approved construction of the $1.2-billion New England Clean Power Link, between eastern Canada and Vermont, and last month green-lighted the $710-million Great Northern Transmission Line, between Manitoba and Minnnesota.