If you are a T&D PowerSkills customer looking for the Learning Management System, please visit the T&D PowerSkills LMS or Contact T&D PowerSkills to receive your Learning Management System web address.

The T&D PowerSkills Learning Management System provides an online utility for customers to access the T&D PowerSkills Lineman Training Program. If you are interested in using the Learning Management System as a demonstration user, simply log in using one of the accounts listed below, or simply click here.

Demo User
Username: demo
Password: demo
Demo Administrator
Username: demoadmin
Password: demo


Other Features of the Learning Management System include:


Student Features:
  • Access to T&D PowerSkills videos and final exams
  • Students may edit account information or change passwords
  • Progress report for student review through assigned curricula
  • Inbox for communication from supervisors.
  • Password Recovery via email.
Administrator Features
  • Access to create, edit, or delete students and administrators.
  • Create Administrative Groups with custom permissions.
  • Allow or deny student access based on IP address or based on a weekday/weekend schedule.
  • Assign custom course curricula to individual students or choose from multiple students to save time.
  • View and edit student test data.*
  • View and edit student Field Performance Review data.*
  • Review student activity, including student logins, failed login attempts, course access, and tests taken.  Each recorded item also captures the student’s HTTP User Agent and IP address.
Student Management Features
  • Set custom fields, such as date of birth or address, to appear in the student’s profile.
  • Fields may be text, date, checkbox, or select box.
  • Set students to be active or inactive.
  • Require students to change password upon next login.
  • Send messages to students, and optionally require the student to acknowledge the message before continuing into the Learning Management System.
Course Features
  • Set a general pass/fail threshold, or set a pass/fail threshold for individual courses
  • Set prerequisite courses to be completed before students can access courses
  • Create custom course groupings
  • Records the student’s test score or, optionally, the individual responses to questions and answers.
  • Allow or deny course access after passing the final exam
  • Allow or deny course access based on the number of test attempts.
Reporting Features
  • Progress report allowing the administrator to choose one or more students for display, indicating:
  • Student progress through individual courses
  • Student’s highest and average test grade for individual courses
  • Level of completion of Field Performance Review (FPR).
  • Amount of time a student has spent in individual courses
  • Amount of time a student has spent in the curriculum.
  • Number of courses and Field Performance Reviews (FPRs) remaining.
  • Course Enrollment report, indicating new course enrollments for a given period.


* For accountability purposes, a log is kept containing the  username of the individual that changed the data and the date that it was changed.

NOTE:  Custom modifications or plugins to the Learning Management System are available upon client request and will be quoted separately.

NOTE: Use of the Learning Management System requires the user to have access to a computer with a web browser and high-speed broadband Internet access.  It is recommended to use a web browser that conforms to W3C standards, such as Internet Explorer 10 or newer, Safari, or Firefox.  The videos in the campus make use of H.264 video playback.