Like all professions, there are standards of performance and best practices that help trainers rise to a level of excellence and effectiveness in their field. The electric utility industry is unique, and it’s time we had a unique conference devoted to helping trainers hone their training skills and stay on top of their game. 


This Trainers Conference will not only provide targeted sessions for the experts to share what they know but also for your trainer ‘peers’ throughout the nation to share what works for them and learn what works for you. Are you one of our 400 T&D PowerSkills users? Are you interested in learning more about T&D PowerSkills? Or, maybe, you’re just a powerline trainer with a desire to improve.  This conference is where you need to be.


Join us for the first T&D PowerSkills Trainers Conference in fabled New Orleans.


Ronald J. Schenk, CUSP

Ron is a Director and co-founder of T&D PowerSkills, LLC, the Institute for Safety in Powerline Construction, Inc. (ISPC), and Safety Management International, LLC (SMI).  Ron’s 30 years of service includes on-staff, as Director of Training for a large regional powerline contractor and training and safety consulting for electric utilities around the United States and the Caribbean.  Ron is a past Director of Utility Safety and Operations Network (USOLN) and is a Certified Utility Safety Professional.


Mack Turner, CUSP

Mack is Executive Director of ISPC and a Director of both SMI, LLC and T&D PowerSkills, LLC.  Mack is a past Chairman of the Board for USOLN and helped to create the Certified Utility Safety Professional (CUSP) program and credential, earning him the distinction.  He has been actively involved in training and safety, on-staff for investor-owned utilities, and in safety management for a large powerline contractor.  Mack recently received the John McRae Safety Leadership award by USOLN. For the past several years, through ISPC, Mack has helped hundreds of utilities and contractors become more effective in lineworker safety.  

Ray Foss, CKA

Ray is the IT Systems Developer for T&D PowerSkills, LLC and is primarily responsible for developing and maintaining the online Learning Management System (LMS).  Ray is experienced in website development and social media systems management.  He was awarded Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Syracuse University.

Jim Vaughn, CUSP

Jim is a Senior Consultant with ISPC and works throughout North America assisting utilities and contractors with technical training on high-voltage systems.  Jim began his career 40 years ago as an IBEW Journeyman Lineman, but for the past 20 years, Jim has worked on-staff with electric utilities, several large contractors, as well as in academia, in various roles concerning safety and training for lineworkers.  Jim has numerous certifications and has been awarded the John McRae Safety Leadership award by USOLN and is a Certified Utility Safety Professional.

Jerry Havens, COSS

Jerry is the Director of Sales for T&D PowerSkills, LLC and works with utilities, contractors and colleges on helping to establish lineworker training programs using the T&D PowerSkills program.  Jerry is also instrumental in developing and updating the video-based components of the units, using his background in broadcast media.  Jerry is a Certified Occupational Safety Specialist.

Tony Boyd, CUSP

Tony is a Senior Consultant with ISPC and works throughout North America and the Caribbean providing safety and technical training to lineworkers.  Tony began his career over 40 years ago as a Journeyman Lineman and worked for both electric utilities and powerline contractors.  Tony, prior to joining ISPC five years ago, was heading up a powerline program for a South Louisiana Junior College.  Tony is a Certified Utility Safety Professional.

Kenneth Pardue, COSS

Kenneth is Vice President and General Manager for T&D PowerSkills, LLC and is a Director of SMI, LLC.  Responsible for daily management and operations of T&D PowerSkills, Kenneth’s 15 years of service has allowed him to create and maintain the most effective lineworker training program in the industry. He also oversees the different delivery models for the training materials, including high definition delivery through the Learning Management System.  Kenneth is a Certified Occupational Safety Specialist.



March 15:

Conference Registration: 3:30 - 6pm

Welcome Reception: 6:30-8:30pm












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