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Cable splicing is the process of joining two cable ends together while maintaining the cable’s original design characteristics. This course focuses on cable design, voltage stress and preparation of cables for splicing using a splice kit.


  • Identify the different parts of a typical primary cable.
  • Explain how cable design affects the capabilities of primary cable.
  • Explain how to prepare a cable for splicing.



Electrical Cable

  • Identify the major parts of a primary cable.
  • Discuss variations in cable construction.

Voltage Stress and Stress Relief

  • Explain what voltage stress is.
  • Explain how a layered cable design helps to counteract the effects of voltage stress.
  • Explain how a layered cable design helps to provide the relief of static charges.

Cable Preparation

  • Describe one method of preparing primary cable for a splice kit.
  • Identify equipment and tools that can be used to prepare primary cable for a splice.

Using a Splice Kit

  • Demonstrate how to install a molded slip on splice on a primary cable with a concentric neutral.
  • Demonstrate how to complete a single phase primary splice using a splice kit, including bonding and grounding.