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Transmission line installation is a complex job that requires extensive planning, careful coordination or manpower and equipment, and a thorough mastery of construction procedures and techniques. This training program focuses on the part of that job involved with installing conductors on a structure.


The tasks that are covered included planning the job, pulling wire, sagging wire, and clipping-in, which is the process of permanently attaching a conductor to a string of insulators.



Job Planning

  • Explain some of the basic considerations for planning a transmission line installation job.
  • Describe or demonstrate how to determine the length of wire needed for stringing, how to calculate the average span length, and how to calculate a ruling span.
  • Explain what guard structures are and when they are used.

Job Preparation

  • Explain the basic preparation necessary for stringing wire.
  • Describe some of the basic equipment that must be assembled in preparation for stringing wire.
  • Explain where the equipment necessary for stringing wire is generally placed on the section of line being strung.
  • Explain why it is important to pull wire under tension.

Pulling Conductor

  • Describe or demonstrate how a pilot line is pulled into position.
  • Describe or demonstrate how a bull line is pulled into position.
  • Describe or demonstrate how a conductor is pulled into position.
  • Explain the basic concerns associated with the pulling process.

Sagging, Part 1

  • Explain the purpose of sagging wire and basic considerations that must be taken into account when sagging wire.
  • Explain the preparations that must be made in order to sag wire.
  • Describe or demonstrate how a dynamometer can be used for sagging wire.

Sagging, Part 2

  • Describe or demonstrate how a transit or a sagging scope can be used for sagging wire.
  • Describe or demonstrate the stopwatch method of sagging.


  • Demonstrate and explain the basic process of clipping-in.
  • Identify some additional items that may be installed on transmission lines.