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Transmission lines and the structures that support them are key components to any transmission and distribution system. There are many different kinds of transmission structures, and each is designed to meet various power delivery needs and geographic considerations. Assembling and erecting a transmission structure requires planning, teamwork, and careful attention to detail.


This training program describes the basic tasks and equipment used to assemble and erect several types of transmission structures. While transmission structures generally do not require routine servicing or maintenance, a knowledge of how they are designed and installed can be useful to anyone who works on or near transmission lines.



Introduction to Transmission Structures

  • Identify and describe the two main types of metal structures used on transmission lines.
  • Describe three types of structure configurations and explain when each type is typically used.
  • Explain what a right-of-way is.
  • Identify several considerations for transmission structure design.

Concrete Foundations

  • Describe typical steps for preparing a job site for the installation of a concrete foundation.
  • Describe basic steps for constructing and installing a concrete foundation.

Grillage Foundations

  • Identify the basic parts of a grillage foundation.
  • Describe the basic tasks involved in assembling and installing grillage foundations.

Lattice Tower Erection

  • Describe the basic equipment and tasks commonly used to assemble and erect a lattice tower using a gin pole.
  • Describe the basic equipment and tasks commonly used to assemble and erect a lattice tower using one or more cranes.

Tubular Steel Pole Erection

  • Identify several common configurations of tubular steel pole structures.
  • Explain how tubular steel poles can be assembled and erected using two basic pole section designs.

Structure Erection Using a Helicopter

  • State two reasons for assembling a structure at a remote location.
  • Describe, in general terms, how a transmission structure is installed using multiple locations and a helicopter.