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Many companies are finding it necessary to use 34.5 KV distribution lines to keep up with customer demand for dependable, high-quality electric power. Linemen who work on these lines must be aware of the electrical hazards associated with this work. They must also be familiar with the safety equipment and procedures that enable them to perform their work safely and efficiently.


The procedures and equipment that are used in this training program are intended only as examples. Linemen should review their company’s specific procedures for working on 34.5 KV lines and learn how to use the equipment that their company provides.




  • Identify electrical hazards associated with working on 34.5 KV lines.
  • Explain how to identify a 34.5 KV line.

Safety Equipment

  • Describe how to care for and use the safety equipment typically required for working on 34.5 KV lines.

Safe Work Habits, Part 1

  • Describe safety considerations associated with planning and preparing for 34.5 KV rubber glove work.

Safe Work Habits, Part 2

  • Describe variations that are likely to occur between 34.5 KV rubber glove jobs.
  • Describe a procedure for safely changing out a crossarm.
  • Describe a procedure for safely changing out a lateral cutout on a distribution line.