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Voltage tends to decrease along a distribution feeder. It can also fluctuate above and below acceptable levels due to changing load conditions on the system. This course covers the basic theory and operating characteristics of voltage regulators, explains how to detect problems in their operation, and demonstrates how to safety replace them.


  • Describe the basic construction and general operation of voltage regulators.
  • Explain how to detect voltage regulator problems.
  • Describe how to visually inspect, remove, and replace a voltage regulator.



Pole Top Voltage Regulators

  • Describe the construction and operation of induction voltage regulators and step voltage regulators.
  • Explain the operation of a voltage regulator control circuit.

Troubleshooting Pole Top Voltage

  • Describe the basic parts of a step voltage regulator installed on an overhead feeder.
  • Describe or demonstrate how to troubleshoot a malfunctioning step voltage regulator.

Pole Top Voltage Regulator Replacement

  • Describe one method of safely zeroing and isolating a voltage regulator before change out.
  • Describe or demonstrate how to safely remove a step voltage regulator from an overhead feeder and install a replacement unit.