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This course is designed to familiarize trainees with the basic safe work practices and safety equipment that are used in transmission and distribution maintenance work.


  • Identify the basic hazards encountered in T&D maintenance work.
  • Describe the basic clothing and safety gear used in T&D maintenance work.
  • Explain how to carry out equipment inspections, job planning, and job site preparation.
  • Identify basic job hazards particular to overhead and underground line maintenance.



Job Hazards

  • Describe the individual’s role with respect to safety on the job.
  • Identify hazards that may be encountered in transmission and distribution maintenance.

Protective Equipment

  • Identify and describe basic clothing and personal safety equipment used in transmission and distribution work.
  • Describe personal rubber gear.
  • Describe hot line cover gear used to insulate energized equipment.

Safe Work Practices

  • Describe how to perform a pre-use inspection on a bucket truck.
  • Describe how a tailgate session is used to plan a job.
  • Describe how to secure a safe work area at a typical job site.

Overhead Line Maintenance

  • Describe how to test a pole before climbing it.
  • Describe how to inspect pole climbing equipment.
  • Describe techniques for climbing a pole.
  • Describe how to apply hot line cover gear by hand and with hot sticks.

Underground Line Maintenance

  • Describe how to inspect a manhole.
  • Describe how to test the atmosphere under a manhole cover.
  • Describe how to inspect a pad-mounted transformer.