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This full package of 78 courses requires a 4-year apprenticeship, comprised of 8,000 working hours including classroom training, practice yard training and field performance requirements.
Lineman Apprenticeship Package
Electrical Cable Installer Package
Underground high voltage electrical systems are a common part of an electrical utility’s delivery system today.  Lineworkers are expected to understand how to install and safely work on these systems, routinely.
Electrical Meter Installer Package
Lineworkers are routinely expected to install electrical meters from both overhead and underground distribution systems. This Program is designed for the entry-level or experienced lineworker and focuses on theory, background information and safe work practices for safely and correctly installing electrical meters.
High Voltage Substation Package
Lineworkers are expected to work in and around electrical substations routinely.  This program is designed to help both the entry-level and experienced lineworker become familiar with the systems and equipment found in the typical substation and how to protect themselves from the hazards within high voltage electrical substations.
Troubleman Package
Troubleshooting high voltage electrical system problems requires a significant amount of training to understand how the system works and what problems can develop. This Program is designed to help both the troubleman gain the knowledge and insights required for safe and effective work practices while troubleshooting high voltage system problems.
Telecommunications Crew
Telecommunications workers are often expected to work on poles and other structures that require them to work in close proximity to energized power lines.  This Program is designed to help both the entry-level and experienced worker become familiar with these power systems and then identify and mitigate the hazards associated with working near them.