OSHA Regulations Revisions

Ladies and Gentlemen:

As you know, several OSHA regulations changes to CFR1910.269 and CFR1926 Subpart V, became effective July 10, 2014.  Other changes have later effective dates.

What you may not know is that since April 11, 2014, when the revised regulations were published in the Federal Register, several industry organizations and interested parties have been petitioning OSHA for both changes to some of the new requirements and delays for others.  OSHA has now granted a delay on enforcing these new regulations per the attached Trade Release explanation by the Edison Electric Institute.  

As far as we can tell, this ‘enforcement delay’ does not mean that the industry should not move forward in complying with the ‘Final Rule’ as published and we are continuing to schedule updates for each of the 78 T&D PowerSkills units affected by these regulatory updates, per the priorities our User’s Development Board establishes for us.

As you may recall, our commitment to you, as a user of the T&D PowerSkills lineman training material is that we will update the training units (DVD/videos and workbooks) to comply with any OSHA regulation changes that occur, and make them available to our current customers.  

We have completed several of the revisions required to comply with the new regulations and continue with an aggressive schedule to update those training units affected by these changes.  Based on your Contract with T&D PowerSkills, LLC, you may expect:

  • T&D PowerSkills DVD users: no additional charge.
  • Proprietary LMS digital file users:  no additional charge.
  • T&D PowerSkills on-line Learning Management System users:   will be alerted as to when the new material is available on-line.  Once available, there will be no additional charge for using the updated material, on-line, through the T&D PowerSkills LMS.
  • In all cases, Student Workbooks will be the updated version with your next purchase.

For non-contract-based users of these units, contact Ryan Schenk, Sales Manager, at 985-290-3554, for more information.

Thanks for your patience through this process.  Check our website (www.tdpowerskills.com) often for additional information as it comes available.


Wanda C. Schenk, General Manager