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We offer the best way to train your employees with our all new Learning Management System
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Allows training in remote work areas with robust field proficiency documentation management.



The redesigned T&D PowerSkills Learning Management System (LMS) couples the industry-leading T&D PowerSkills training material with a delivery model based on adult learning principles in a way that carries lineworker training into the next decade.  Training material is broken up into short, digestible sections that reinforce core principles, while consistently teaching students procedures that adhere to industry best practices.  Section quizzes at the end of each major segment ensure that students are engaged and grasping the training material before moving on to the next.


The Field Performance Requirements (FPR) tracking in the LMS combines a student’s knowledge-based course work with in-field training so that one informs the other, allowing a holistic view of how a student is performing.  The FPR also serves as a documentation tool for skills proficiency relative to the training material.


Students can access the material from any modern internet-connected device, from a desktop computer to a smartphone.  The LMS adapts the video to your connection.  Meanwhile, administrators always have top of mind access to how students are proceeding through their assigned training material, when due dates are approaching, and how effectively students are grasping the material.


Other features of the Learning Management System include:


Student Features

  • Access to all 78 T&D PowerSkills videos, digital workbooks, and final exams
  • Field Performance Requirements (FPR) for each course, documenting skills proficiency
  • Offline support for FPR, enabling trainers to grade a student’s performance, even without an internet connection
  • Courses topically segmented with progress of completion for each course
  • Section quizzes
  • Students may edit account information and change passwords
  • Password recovery via email

Administrator Features

  • Create custom course groups to represent your training program
  • Flexible course assignments, from an entire year down to individual remedial courses
  • Review student performance in real time, both with knowledge tests and skills assessments
  • View student access logs, including courses accessed, tests taken, and IP address
  • Set a custom pass/fail threshold for courses in the system, or grade along a curve by setting a pass/fail threshold for individual courses
  • Set a maximum number of test attempts before a user is locked out of a course
  • “Over the Shoulder” functionality, allowing an administrator to view any student’s account, as if they were the student

User Management Features

  • Access to create, edit, or delete students and administrator accounts
  • Create and email automatic, secure passwords for users, and require them to change upon next login

Reporting Features

  • Progress report allowing the administrator to choose one or more students for display, indicating:
    • Student’s total progress through each assigned curriculum
    • Amount of time a student has spent viewing a course, taking a test, and in the curriculum as a whole.
    • Student’s highest and average test grades for individual courses
    • Completion status of Field Performance Review
    • Number of courses and FPRs remaining
    • Course enrollment report, indicating new course enrollments for a given period

Click here to sign up for your free trial. Contact Us for more info at (866) 880-1380 or