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Transformer Connections 1 and 2 and Pole Top Equipment - Reclosers and Switching Devices [Preview]

We've released a major update for our Transformer Connections 1 and 2 video and broken it up into two comprehensive units covering basic theory to advanced application. You'll find new narrator footage better explaining the concepts covered, and updated, high-definition illustrations covering single-phase and three-phase bank transformer connection applications.

In addition, we've also released Pole Top Equipment - Reclosers and Switching Devices. This includes new narrator footage and updated high-definition illustrations.

Contact Jerry Havens for more information at ‭(318) 880-2259‬ or 


    All 78 videos now ADA compliant with timed subtitles in CEA-608 format.



    New sub-segment chapter points added to all videos, along with lower thirds to improve navigation.


    Workbooks: 36 of 78 updated with new design language, formatting, and illustrations



    Recent Completed Updates:

    • Circuit Breakers 1 (April 2014) [Minor Update]
    • Relays 2 (April 2014) [Minor Update]
    • Climbing Steel Poles and Towers (April 2014) [Minor Update]
    • Electrical Safety (May 2014) [Minor Update]
    • Power Transformers 2 (June 2014) [Minor Update]
    • Transformer Troubleshooting (June 2014) [Minor Update]
    • Underground Residential Distribution Systems (June 2014) [Minor Update]
    • Transmission (June 2014) [Minor Update]
    • Climbing Wooden Poles (September 2014)
    • Rigging 1 (September 2014) [Minor Update]
    • Troubleshooting Overhead Lines (September 2014) [Minor Update]
    • Safety in Underground Line Maintenance (October 2014) [Minor Update]
    • Material Handling Bucket Trucks (September 2014) [Minor Update]
    • Introduction to Transmission and Distribution Systems (June 2015)
    • Hydraulic Derricks (June 2015)
    • Distribution Line Replacement (February 2016)
    • Alternating Current Fundamentals (October 2016)
    • Pole Top Equipment - Capacitors (January 2017)
    • Cable Splicing 1 (November 2017)
    • Cable Splicing 2 (April 2018)
    • Cable Terminations (August 2018)
    • Transformer Connections 1 (March 2021)
    • Transformer Connections 2 (March 2021)
    • Pole Top Equipment - Reclosers and Switching Devices (March 2021)

    Upcoming Video Updates (Footage Complete; Videos In Post Production):

    • Locating Primary Faults
    • Location Secondary Faults
    • Relays 1
    • Relays 2
    • Introduction to Metering
    • Safety in Meter Work
    • Rigging 1
    • Rigging 2
    • Advanced Rigging
    • Basic Electricity


    *Planned updates are tentative only and subject to change based upon client commitments, user's development board feedback, or technical considerations.

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    The following are corrections and updates to the T&D PowerSkills workbook.  If you own a title that has a correction, please print out and replace the errant content with the corrected versions below.  

    Transformer Connections 1: Updated 07/22/2021. Corrected a faulty illustration in Section Quiz 4. Download corrected page here.