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  • "As the Statewide Department Chair over the Electrical Lineworker program for Texas State Technical College, I wanted to give you an update on our program in the new environment as we all deal with the changes caused by the COVID-19 virus.

    With shelter in place orders throughout our communities, we have been challenged to provide an online curriculum to our students. We have decided to partner with T&D PowerSkills to obtain unlimited access to their training program. We have also been able to upload training videos of associated competencies to our LMS that align with our program outcomes. When it is safe, we will still have to bring students onto campus to complete the hands-on portion of their training, but the online instruction has provided us with the ability to keep our current students on track in their path to graduation while also protecting their health and safety.

    I highly recommend the T&D PowerSkills curriculum to companies, and other line schools needing online instruction or looking to upgrade their curriculum. The content is relevant from entry-level to advanced-level students and has associated section tests with each module. The service and technical support has been excellent, and we will continue to use this curriculum at all four of our campuses that offer the Electrical Lineworker Program moving forward. We see these developments as a new way for us to continue providing quality education to our students while also responding to the changes in our communities."
         Eric Carithers, Statewide Department Chair
        Texas State Technical College

  • " I cannot say enough about how T&D Powerskills has enhanced or training at BEC ... As a safety guy it puts my mind at ease when it comes to having a more robust employee qualified folders. Your system enhances qualified training folders."
         Tim Landes, CLCP
         Bandera Electric

  • "... your instructional material has been an easy transition for me to deliver instruction to the student."
         Steve Addy, Instructor
         Dakota County Technical College

  • "The operations management team is very pleased with the caliber of apprentices who have attended the T&D PowerSkills classes. The management team attends each field testing and are very satisfied with the apprentices abilities."
         Leroy Lee, Trainer
         CoServe, Corinth, TX
  • Willbros T&D Services began a Lineman Training Academy in September of 2012. We wanted to be able to train a variety of individuals, primarily Veterans, on all aspects of line work in an 8 week course that would involve 4 weeks of classroom training and 4 weeks in the field building real jobs for our customers. When we started looking for materials it was immediately obvious to us that T&D Power Skills was the direction we wanted to go. Not only did they offer a full menu of classroom materials but they were complemented by a full menu of field evaluations. We have been extremely pleased with their services and will be using more of their materials as our students are put on crews and return on a yearly basis for more advanced instruction in the various skill sets needed to ensure proper education and skills training in both overhead and underground line work.
         John Morton, Director of Health, Safety, and Training
         Willbros T&D Services
  • "There are currently over 40 Public Power Municiple Cities/Towns in North Carolina that are using T&D PowerSkills program for Lineman training"
         Jeff Vaughn, Safety & Training
         ElectriCities of NC

  • "We use T&D Powerskills and have seen a huge improvement in our Apprentice program. I would and have recommended this program to any utility I come across looking to better their apprentice program and company as a whole"
         Brandon Johnson, Training Supervisor
         Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative, Inc.

  • "...we are well pleased with the program and materials and have completed two classes with our apprentices. It is great material and a valuable tool for me to use in our training program"
         Chris Stewart, Safety and Training
         Hi-Tech Electrical Contractors

  • "We really appreciate T&D PowerSkills! It has brought great structure to our program."
         Mark Silvers, M.Ed., Sr. Manager, Utility Technical Learning 
         Oklahoma Gas and Electric (OG&E) Energy Corp. 

  • "I have been involved in training apprentices/journeyman linemen all over the nation since 2001 (all but two years) and this program is hands down the best program I have found, especially when it comes to videos being up-to-date.
        Craig Cagle, Supervisor, Lines Training and Tools 
        NV Energy, a Berkshire Hathaway Energy Company

  • "Your customer service is as great as the product"
        Tim Vassios, CUSP Technical Trainer
        Michels Power, a division of Michels Corporation