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This program describes some of the common safety hazards found in URD work environments and how to minimize the effects of electrical, atmospheric, and structural hazards. The program also presents a vault emergency situation and discusses safe rescue procedures.


To identify and describe safety hazards associated with URD line maintenance



Work Area Safety

  • Identify safety guidelines to follow before beginning work in an underground or URD work environment.
  • Describe methods for inspecting underground and URD work environments for physical hazards.

Tools and Test Equipment

  • Describe how to use the following: a pocket statiscope, a phasing tool, a remote cable spear, and a remote cable cutter.


  • Identify the excavation conditions that require shoring.
  • Determine when different types of shoring are required.
  • Describe safety guidelines for shoring trenches.
  • Identify some safe alternatives to shoring.

Atmospheric Testing

  • Identify atmospheric hazards that may be found in vaults and enclosed spaces.
  • Describe how to use atmospheric test devices.
  • Explain how to use ventilation equipment to supply fresh air to an enclosed area.

Vault Emergency

  • Describe general safety guidelines that should be followed in the event of a vault emergency.