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This course describes splicing three phase primary cables and secondary cables. It also includes splicing in a length of cable and how to install a secondary splice.


  • Describe “phase matching” three single conductor cables.
  • Describe how to splice in a length of primary cable.
  • Describe how a metallic mesh wire replaces a concentric neutral on a primary cable.
  • Demonstrate how to splice secondary cable.



Three-Phase Single Core Primary

  • Explain the “phase match” for three single conductors, jacketed primary cable splices.
  • Explain why “training” cables for a splice is important.

Splicing in a Length of Cable

  • Describe how primary cable may need to be cut to remove a damaged section of faulted cable.
  • Describe how to install a heat-shrink splice on a primary cable with a jacketed concentric wire layer.

Three-Phase Three-Core Primary

Secondary Cable Splicing

  • Explain three phase primary cable within a single cable jacket and how to identify each phase.
  • Explain how to install a metallic mesh wire as a concentric neutral on a primary cable.
    • Identify differences between primary and secondary cable construction.
    • Demonstrate how to perform a cold-shrink splice, or a molded mechanical splice, and explain how a heat-shrink splice is done on a secondary cable.