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To prevent interruption of service to as many customers as possible, distribution line repairs are often made while lines and equipment remain energized. Whenever work is done on energized equipment, the linemen doing the work must be insulated and isolated from all energized equipment and grounds. This training program discusses the basic principles involved in working on energized lines using insulated gloves. Work methods, communication, concentration, and safety are emphasized throughout the program.


  • Describe rubber protective equipment that is used when working on distribution lines, and explain how it is used.
  • Describe how to inspect rubber protective gear.
  • Describe how to install and remove rubber protective gear in a variety of job situations.



Rubber Protective Gear

  • Describe basic rubber protective equipment used when working on overhead distribution lines.
  • Describe how rubber protective gear is manufactured, sized, and stored.

Care and Inspection of Rubber Gear

  • Describe problems to look for when inspecting protective gear.
  • Describe general procedures for inspecting protective gear.

Replacing an In-Line Switch

  • Describe how to provide a safe work area for an in-line switch replacement job.
  • Describe how to remove and replace an in-line switch using the rubber glove method.
  • Describe how to remove the line cover gear after completing a job.

Attaching Conductors to a New Pole

  • Demonstrate how to rubber up the work area, frame out the pole, and tie in the phases of a distribution feeder to a new pole that has been set in a line.

Dead-End Insulator Change-Out

  • Describe one method of safely changing out a dead-end insulator while working from an insulated platform.