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Power quality has become an important concern within the utility industry. An understanding of power quality is especially important to workers, such as field operations personnel and special services technicians, who come into contact with the public.


This training unit describes what power quality is, discusses some basic power quality issues and how they affect customers, and looks at what a utility can do to solve power quality problems.



Basic Concepts

  • Identify major areas of power quality.
  • Identify sources of power quality problems.
  • Identify causes of power quality problems and describe the effects of each.

Power Quality and the Customer

  • Identify several types of power line conditioners.
  • Describe residential concerns about power quality problems.
  • Describe commercial concerns about power quality problems.

Power Quality and the Utility

  • Describe preventive measures that utility personnel can take to help prevent power quality problems.
  • Describe equipment that can be used to detect and analyze power quality problems.
  • Describe how a typical power quality trouble call can be handled by utility representatives.