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Material handling bucket trucks are modified versions of the traditional bucket truck. They are designed specifically to handle moderate sized loads in addition to supporting personnel in buckets. While the two types of Bucket Trucks may look very much alike, there are important operational differences between them and operating a material handling bucket truck safely, requires knowledge of these differences and training in the skills to properly handle loads.


  • Explain the differences between standard bucket trucks and material handling bucket trucks
  • Describe the functions of the jib and the winch and various attachments
  • Identify specific safety hazards associated with material handling bucket trucks and explain how to determine unit lift capacity
  • Demonstrate approved procedures for installing a pole top transformer using a material handling bucket truck


Introduction to Material Handling Bucket Trucks

  • Explain why a material handling bucket truck can lift heavy loads without additional equipment or special rigging
  • Compare and contrast a material handling bucket truck with a basic bucket truck.

Winch, Jib and Lifting Attachments

  • Describe the basic operation of the winch and the jib.
  • Describe the use of conductor lifting attachments.

Lift Capacity

  • Define 'lift capacity'.
  • Describe conditions that can affect lift capacity.

Truck and Boom Positioning

  • Describe some of the conditions that can affect truck positioning.
  • Explain overcenter positioning and conventional positioning of the upper boom.

Replacing Pole Top Equipment

  • Describe basic preparations for lifting jobs that involve the use of a material handling bucket truck.
  • Demonstrate an approved way to install a pole top transformer using a material handling bucket truck.
  • Define 'deflection' and explain how safety hazards presented by deflection can be avoided.