About Us

T&D PowerSkills is a product name for a 78-unit Lineman Training Program.  Each unit is comprised of a Video, an Instructor’s Guide and a Student Workbook.  The video can be accessed using a DVD player or on-line, through the T&D PowerSkills web-based, Learning Management System (LMS).  The Student Workbook can be accessed using the ‘hard copy’ or in digital form on the LMS, as well. 

The program material has an interesting history of development and ownership.  In the 1980’s, a company known as NUS set out to create a Lineman Training Program.  NUS had already created training units with videos and workbooks for the Utility Industry, but the focus had been primarily generation.  Recognizing the need for lineworker training, NUS created over 100 video/workbook units through-out the ‘80’s and early ‘90’s to support the program offering.  NUS was very successful in selling these units until about 10 years ago.  Ranging from 15 to 25 years old, the original units are now showing their age and do not properly reflect current OSHA regulations or the newer equipment and industry best practices. 

ISPC came into being in 2004, created by Ron Schenk, to help improve safety and training practices for lineworkers.  Schenk had also used the NUS Lineman Training units for years, as Director of Training for a large contractor and felt that the general delivery model used by the NUS approach was a good one.  However, Schenk recognized that the material was increasingly becoming outdated and unusable. 

By 2007 the owners of the old NUS material was then Trinity Workplace Learning.  Schenk approached TWL and was successful in acquiring the intellectual property rights to 78 of the most important lineworker training units.  Schenk also acquired the right to modify the NUS material into what is legally termed a ‘Derivative Product.’  Schenk then created T&D PowerSkills, LLC, a new company, to purchase and own the intellectual property rights. 

Fortunately, Schenk also knew well one of the NUS producers of the original material, Morris Mach.  Mach agreed to help Schenk update the old material with new photos, video and text that truly makes the new derivative product, T&D PowerSkills, the best training program for lineworkers available on the market, today.

Now, through a User’s Development Board, T&D PowerSkills is routinely updated and the new units are replaced in customer’s programs, to ensure the material never becomes obsolete.