Wednesday, March 17

7am - 8 am: Late Conference Registration

7 - 8am: Breakfast

8 - 9:30am: Breakout Session A1 – What does OSHA say about Lineworker Training?

Presenter:  Jim Vaughn, CUSP

OSHA’s CFR 1910.269 and CFR 1926 Subpart V have a lot to say about lineworker safety and the requirements to train workers before exposing them to the hazards of the trade.  Learn from a recognized OSHA expert in the electric utility industry.


8 - 9:30am: Breakout Session A2 – Lineworker Evaluations: Why? And How? 

Presenter: Mack Turner, CUSP

Evaluating the knowledge and skills of experienced lineworkers is a fairly new concept in our industry.  However, clearly understanding what a lineworker knows and is able to correctly do is a critical part of placement and advancement within a training program.  It can be done.  This session is facilitated by a safety professional experienced in lineworker evaluations.


9:30 - 10am: Morning Break

10 - 11:30am: Breakout Session B1 – Field Performance Requirements (FPRs) 

Presenter: Tony Boyd, CUSP

Lineworker training, to be effective, must provide opportunities for the trainee to develop a proficiency, with the task being taught.  Lineworkers need a knowledge of the electrical system, but they also need an opportunity for ‘hands-on’ skill development.  This session shows you how to manage this critical phase of lineworker training.

10 - 11:30am: Breakout Session B2 – Establishing a Lineworker Program in a College or Vo-Tech 

Presenter: Jerry Havens, COSS

Community Colleges, Vocational-Technical Colleges and similar institutions across the country are starting lineworker training programs to assist with local hiring needs.  This session discusses what it takes to help your Region develop and maintain such a program.

11:30am - 1pm: LUNCH

1 - 2:30pm: General Session

Industry Issues and Best Practices Focus Groups 


Contractors - Jim Vaughn, CUSP

Investor-Owned Utilities - Mack Turner, CUSP

Cooperatives - Tony Boyd, CUSP

Municipals - Ron Schenk, CUSP

Colleges - Jerry Havens, COSS

2:30 - 3pm: Afternoon Break


3 - 5pm: T&D PowerSkills Users Development Board

Join us as we conduct our Annual Development Board meeting and discuss unit updates and develop plans for improvements in the upcoming year.